Life planning: a new
approach to your wealth

Few of us are obsessed with money for money’s sake: it’s what you do with it that counts. We take a far-reaching approach to our clients’ finances, planning their wealth around their life goals.

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Financial advice for humans

It all starts with quality financial advice. We ask where you want to go (and where you don’t), then build a plan to help you get there. Depending on what’s right for you, our plan might include elements of specific guidance related to…

Tax planning

Helping you reach your goals as efficiently as possible, by making sure you’re not overpaying on tax.

We’ll help you with tax wrappers you’ll probably know already (like your ISAs and pensions), and might suggest some you’re less familiar with, too.

Protection planning

Helping you protect your family should the unthinkable to happen.

From life insurance to critical illness cover, we can help you prepare for the unexpected and make sure those closest to you will always be looked after.

Retirement planning

Helping you retire when you want, with the lifestyle you want – and preparing you for life after work.

We’ll help optimise your pension plan in the last years before you retire, then set your affairs in order when you finally hang up your boots.

Later-life planning

Helping you plan and pay for long-term care, and getting your affairs in order so you can pass on more of your wealth to the ones you love.

Whether that’s through gifts or specialist investments, we’ll devise an inheritance tax strategy that’s right for you.

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