Financial advice to help
you ask more of life

We think life’s better with questions. We’ll help you tackle the big, important ones that shape your future – so you can get on and live your life, and leave planning it to us.

Why do I need advice?

Because some questions
are too big to tackle alone

Family, career, retirement… life’s full of tough decisions. And when you consider that the impacts can last a lifetime, we think it’s good to ask for help. At Octopus Wealth we’re here to help with smart financial planning – and financial advice that’s geared to your life.

Who are you?

Not your typical
wealth management company

We’re on a mission to blow away the cobwebs and breathe new life into the fusty world of personal finance.

Powerful advice

Our financial advice is set to leave many clients hundreds of thousands of pounds better off.
Life-changing stuff. Remember, though, nothing’s guaranteed: your investments could go down as well as up.

Refreshingly straight talking

No unnecessary jargon or complexity. Just smart financial advice, framed in simple, straightforward terms that make sense to you.

A service built around you

We work hard to get to know you and your life goals. Then we build a financial plan to help you get there. We call it life planning.

How does it work?

Your life goals:

We work hard to get to know your life goals, then build a plan to get you there. It’s called the Lifeline: your visual indicator of how you’re tracking against the objectives you care about.

Graph of Thomas and Elizabeth’s finances mapped against their life events such as retirement and buying a villa, alongside a projection of how Octopus Wealth could improve their situation. Graph of Thomas and Elizabeth’s finances mapped against their life events such as retirement and buying a villa, before Octopus Wealth
Shown for illustrative purposes only.
Who are Octopus?

A group of companies
that like to ask more

We’re the latest venture from Octopus – a group of companies investing in the people, ideas and industries that will help to change the world.

At Octopus, we love to ask questions. We’ve been asking them every day since our humble beginnings back in 2000; and now our investments span sectors as diverse as investments, energy and healthcare.

Octopus Group: a snapshot...

  • Manage more than £8.6 billion
  • Have over 500,000 customers
  • Are home to more than 800 employees, including 120 investment professionals
What's new?

Our latest news
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Ready to ask more of life?

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