How to avoid a
pension headache

A quick guide to the NHS pension scheme


Retirement’s never simple. But the intricacies of the NHS pension make it especially tricky for healthcare professionals.

Some are getting caught out by hefty tax charges when they retire. Others are choosing to opt out altogether – potentially leaving themselves even worse off. Our handy guide’s designed to help cut through the complexity.

In it, we’ll tackle some of the big questions you might have about your NHS pension plan – so that life outside the practice, surgery or hospital’s an enjoyable, not daunting prospect!

Download our guide today to find out more.

We’ll give you a quick call once you’ve had a chance to read it to see what you think. Oh, and just so we’re clear, you should know that this guide only provides information, not financial advice. And remember that tax treatment depends on your individual circumstances – and tax rules change regularly.

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